Complete detail engineering documents, reliable MTOs and purchase order documents prepared efficiently and to schedule - That is what counts!


Arrangement Planning

KEYNES understands arrangement planning as a proactive planning process rather than “moving pieces on the board”! We see to it that the plant equipment is arranged in the sequence of the process flow, taking into account the specific process requirements as well as safety and maintenance criteria.


Piping Engineering

Let us hear what our piping designers have to say: “A good piping designer not only knows all about piping but is also aware of what is needed by the other engineering disciplines and considers their requirements in the piping design. Typical examples are fire-fighting equipment, instrumentation and control connections, recommendations for vessel support structures, access for installation and maintenance, etc. etc …”

It need not necessarily be the CAD-engineered complete plant! Our employees are also at home when it comes to daily onsite operating support or the pragmatic solution.

Structural Steelwork / Special Supports

We undertake the basic and detail engineering including structural analyses for equipment support structures and pipe supports.

The manhour requirement for the design of special supports is frequently underestimated. You can be certain that we will budget this important component of the structural steelwork design package appropriately - to make sure that the budget is not exhausted long before the project is completed!


Material Management / Procurement

The data generated from the detail engineering (MTOs) are the basis for procurement and material management. We undertake procurement services, expediting, inspection and acceptance testing including shipping support for the materials and services required at the construction site.


Stress and Flexibility Analyses

Furnishing analytical proof that a piping design is not going to work is one thing. Getting reasonable solutions from experienced design engineers – that’s KEYNES!

Our design engineers work with the Sigma Rohr2 system.


PFD & P&ID processing

Whether dumb graphics or intelligent flow sheet – whether development from scratch or red entries – proper coordination and reliable processing save nerves, time and money!

With KEYNES, you can always be certain that

  • you will have a dedicated contact person who will coordinate your special requirements and preferences with you before commencement of the project  
  • your contact person will ensure that these special requirements are implemented, no matter how many employees are assigned to the project 
  • we will discuss the first completed flow diagram with you to make sure that we have understood everything correctly   
  • we will contact you promptly if any discrepancies are identified.